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Training with Integra Quality

Training is about more than information. We aim to build competence through relevant, engaging face to face content. Read on to find out more! Start Your Journey to Competence today!

Popular Training Courses

Start Building to Self-Sufficiency

The right consultant can bring incredible value to an organisation when it comes to safety in the workplace, but there comes a point in every business where they need to start thinking about employing their own competent advisor instead of relying on a consultant to provide this service. 

Ideally this happens organically as a part of the business' growth plans. However you want to procure your safety advice, it makes sense to have someone on your payroll who can understand the recommendations and why they have been made. 

To that end, we have compiled a range of training plans to help upskill a team member and start their journey to becoming a Health and Safety competent advisor for you. 

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Building a Culture

Training is not a tick-box exercise.

For training to be a real investment in our teams' success, training has to mean something, and help you to find a way to do things more simply, faster, or more effectively.

Each of our delegates brings with them a breadth of stories and anecdotes of when Health and Safety has been done well, and often even more stories of when it has gone badly. Our trainers encourage discussion to allow each of our delegates to leave the course equipped with a new perspective on how Health and Safety ought to work. 

All of our training courses are delivered by trainers with real life experience of solving problems across a range of business sectors, and an approachable common-sense attitude. Everyone can learn something, and when we share best practice, we all stand to gain.