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Health and Safety Services

Our network of consultants can support you at every level, helping you to make sure your team gets home safe.

Health and Safety Done Differently

Health and Safety gets a bad rap. We've all been there - wondering why we have to do things the long way round, instead of just getting on with the job.

If we had a penny for every time we've heard the words "You can't do that cos it's Health and Safety", we wouldn't need to be working right now! 

Sadly, when we follow up those words with the question "Why is that unsafe?", it's rare to get a good answer.

Our consultants aim to break through that wall, by focusing on sensible solutions to the safety question. We start at the beginning to make sure that the task is designed right in the first place, and then make sure that the person doing the job understands the safety precautions and why they are needed, so that they can start saying "You can do that, but we need you to take some steps to keep you safe!"

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