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Our Vision - To help you to THINK BIGGER

Every successful management system journey starts with the end in mind. Read on to learn why we do what we do, and how we aim to do it!

Why do we do what we do.

Integra Quality is founded on the belief that quality and safety are key investments for the sustainable growth of any business. The companies that last the test of time are those with a clear vision of who they are and why they exist, driven by the desire to live up to both of those things. They have a strong sense of their culture, and know how to achieve consistent results.

Most companies begin with a clear goal, but in today’s fast-paced and disruptive environment, it is easy for that direction to become muddied. Established businesses may struggle with experience drain, and new businesses may find themselves overwhelmed by new customer standards or market pressures.

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How it used to be.

During the 20th century, workers tended to stay with their job for a lifetime. 

They would begin as an apprentice, and work their way up, amassing all sorts of knowledge and experience around their product along the way. Systems were flexible and simple, and often very specific to the various company departments. They relied heavily on one or two people who had intimate knowledge of “how things are done” to plug any gaps in company processes. Businesses were built on the knowledge of these key people and, in many places, this workforce is beginning to take a well-earned retirement.

What's happening now?

Today, workers at all levels tend to move around more, often every 2-3 years, and those simple systems may not serve the business as well as they used to. Small problems begin to stack up, and root causes of issues start to become hard to find.

Entrepreneurs have begun to build innovative new ventures, and the pressures of the marketplace force compromises to be made. These lean, young businesses remain agile because they, too, rely on one or two people with intimate knowledge of “how things are done”. Their systems are often not written down, and the workforce is small enough that they can be communicated directly by the business owner.

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Our Speciality

When a new customer standard comes along, it can be easy to just bolt a new requirement on to an existing process to fit. Before long, the resulting patchwork of processes can become overwhelming and confusing, and expensive mistakes can happen. Integra Quality specialises in bringing disparate systems together, gathering detailed knowledge of your company processes and streamlining them so that they become part of one united whole, bringing focus and clarity.

How do we do it?