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Food Safety Services

Your customers rely on you to make the food they eat safe. See how we can help.

Safeguarding your Customers' Health

Food Safety's no joke, but it's easy to take for granted. The extended lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic saw a meteoric growth in the number of Food Business Operators, as people around the country looked to turn their hobbies into earnings. As their businesses grew, they began to realise the depth and complexity of Food Safety legislation. 

Our food safety consultants aim to make food safety compliance simple. Making use of low cost, readily available resources, we can walk you through the requirements and help you to understand where those requirements come from. 

We can be as hands-on of hands-off as you need, always aiming to help you build safety into your food handling culture. Our fully accredited training is delivered by a friendly, approachable trainer, with years of practical, real-world food safety experience.

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Our Food Safety Services