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Quality Management Services

Quality goes well beyond checking your product after it's made. Let us help you to build proactive quality culture into your business.

More Than Meets the Eye

We often think of quality management as the last line of defence against defective products and services.

Traditional businesses often spend their quality management budget on tools and personnel to check the quality of a product as it is readied for delivery, or even after their customer has received it. 

The assumption is that defects and mistakes are unavoidable and so checking at the "end of the line" is the most efficient way to make sure only good product goes out. 

Although there is some truth to this, at Integra Quality we believe that most mistakes and defects can be avoided with careful planning and forethought. We will assess the whole system, from supplier approval to product delivery, to make sure that you are set up for success. 

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Our Quality Management Services