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why do i need a quality management system?

As your business grows, so does the demand for your products and services – stretching your existing processes, productivity, and workforce wellbeing – which can lead to more significant wastage, increased costs, expenses and customer dissatisfaction.

With a professionally developed Quality Management System (QMS) in place, your business will be streamlined to ensure operational consistency, standardising your business processes which can reduce your operating costs by 15 per cent and reduce your operational errors by over 30 per cent. [International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management V.32, Iss 1]

A correctly implemented QMS can improve your output time, increase customer satisfaction fivefold and enable you to have a more accurate forecasting ability.


Does company size matter when implementing a new Quality Management System? Yes. 

Whether your business is small with 5 – 20 staff or much more extensive with 100 – 1000+ staff, implementing a new or existing QMS differs somewhat and can bring many significant changes that require leadership and a commitment to change. 

No matter how big your business is, large or small, a QMS should be tailor-made to your business needs and ability, and this is where our experts can help you not only to develop a bespoke made QMS system but also ensure that the QMS is logical, providing clear value to your business and helping to enable delivery and implementation with your staff.


Integra QualityTaking Care of Your Quality and Safety Requirements

Quality Management Systems Services
Quality Management Services

Integra Quality has you covered – From developing, writing and updating your Quality Management System to monitoring, analysing and implementing changes.

Health And Safety Services
Health and Safety Services

Integra Quality provide comprehensive and professional Health and Safety Consultants to work on your behalf to ensure your Health and Safety responsibilities and requirements are fully covered.

Food Safety Services
Food Safety Services

When it comes to Food Safety Services, nobody is better placed than Integra Quality to look after your needs. From assessments, analysis, auditing and control, Integra Quality can ensure that you are fully compliant with current standards.